We're a husband & wife owned DJ Service that specializes in Wedding DJ Performances. The Beats Boutique was specifically designed to cater to fun loving people who think that their DJ will make or break their party. In this market, almost every "reputable" DJ company is all about being the biggest, earning the most profit, and simply filling their contractual obligation.

You are only planning one event... Can you imagine the enormity and stress of planning 15-45 gigs on one day? Believe me it's done, and no one company has 10 DJs that we'd let DJ for us.

We're small, and we sweat the small stuff because it's the biggest day of your life that can never be redone!

We've hand selected and recruited the best DJs in the market to set the standard for all others. We are DJ professionals who are focused on providing world class customer service, in addition to filling your dance floor.

No one company can claim they have the best talent working for them... We do!

Every one of our DJs has performed at least 300+ weddings, and a few are upwards of 750... not to include bar & nightclub gigs. Your DJ has the proven ability to play instantly recognizable & danceable music from every genre, for every age, that will get your dance floor jumpin!

Your DJ will also make polished and professional announcements at your direction, without the commentary to keep your guests informed, and your night progressing along in a smooth fashion so you can take it all in and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

Almost every DJ company in town offers photo booths, photography, videography, and DJs, and claim to be the best.... Really? The Beats Boutique focuses on ONE thing, and does it the best!

Before ever hiring us, you will get the opportunity to meet your DJ face-to-face to discuss your vision and expectations, in order to make an informed decision that may impact the biggest day of your life.

Because you've met us in person, and we've built rapport throughout the planning process, and you've freely communicated with your DJ... it's a no-brainer... That alone is so valuable to Brides & Grooms, or Brides & Brides, or Grooms & Grooms.

Lastly, we stand behind our service in writing with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If we don't believe in our service, why should you? If you don't like, you don't pay. It's that simple.

If you'd like to schedule an in-person consultation/interview with us don't hesitate. We only book and handful of events each weekend to effectively manage our resources, and sometimes we have to turn away business.

Thank you for your consideration!
Rheo & Chandra Johansen, Owners, The Beats Boutique

Twin Cities Pride Vendor

Primary Contact

Rheo Johansen

Co-Owner / DJ Superunknown