The attorneys of Messerli and Kramer’s divorce and family law practice area bring a vast set of skills to their work, which means their clients get the assistance appropriate for their circumstances. Increasingly, couples are electing to settle their cases outside a courtroom to minimize stress and expense. M&K’s attorneys are all certified as Rule 114 Qualified Neutrals, meaning they can assist clients in negotiating a settlement in a non-adversarial fashion through mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

Other clients take the traditional track of having a judge rule on matters because the parties cannot reach an agreement on their own. In those cases, M&K’s attorneys zealously represent their clients’ rights to receive their legal due – while still be mindful of the family’s overall needs for emotional resolution.

Some cases are made more complex by the need to divide significant property and business holdings equitably. M&K’s attorneys have the nuanced understanding of business and business holdings that is critical to being certain their clients receive their fair share without harming the ongoing commercial entities that are among the assets subject to dispute.

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