I am a priest serving weddings, child-blessings, funerals and other personal and family rites of passage. My strongest call is to support the efforts of disadvantaged communities to claim honor, safety, opportunity and joy. I will work with you to design and present a ceremony which speaks to the love, life and ideals you wish to affirm and to present in the company of family, friends and community. My service as clergy is built upon two decades of social justice activism and both networking and priestly service to the midwest pagan community. My home is in Minneapolis, and I am available in the Twin Cities, throughout Minnesota, and potentially in any surrounding state (we may discuss consideration for mileage). I was raised in a family of public servants and social activists, and have lived my life by the assumption that my time and spirit must be given as an offering to the world as I wish to see it. For much of the 1990s, I volunteered with others in Iowa to build connections between persons of minority faith background, who lived in spaces where they felt isolated. I then pursued graduate studies in education and social change, and emerged from that study energized to devote myself to a life of activism and of service as priest to the divine and to the living world. Since 2010 I have served as priest in the Blue Star tradition of Wicca. I am licensed as a minister in Minnesota via Covenant of the Goddess, teach the Blue Star tradition in Star Crossed study group (https://www.facebook.com/BlueStarCrossed), and have maintained a strong relationship with University Baptist Church in Minneapolis, a welcoming community which supported my investment in service to god or source as understood from diverse faith perspectives. As priest in your community, I am available to craft and share wedding ceremonies; I am available to welcome and bless your child as they embark upon their first adventures in life; I am available for discussions of community issues from my perspective as a liberal-minded pagan minister; I am available to other rites of passage, and to offer counseling such as is within my training. If you have not yet settled on a space for a service, I am aware of a number of excellent options in the Twin Cities - and if I am not the right fit for you I will also be glad to help you find proper services for any need beyond my abilities or station. Please come to me with your joys and your needs, my ear is yours that we may together craft the ideal service and blessing for you and yours.

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jay linnell

Priest of the Covenant of the Goddess
(612) 636-5648