Are you planning the EVENT of your Life?

Do you need EXCEPTIONAL DJ Entertainment?

With over 3000 mobile DJ’s locally in just the Twin Cities metro, the following are the Top 10 reasons / FAQ’s on why to consider DJ D’Angelo for your important event:

IT ALL STARTS WITH EXPERIENCE : 23 yrs combining over 1500 weddings, 3000 total mobile events, & 18 years as a House DJ at several Twin Cities Bars / Nightclubs / Sports-Bars etc. Both as a DJ and working with 1000’s of various industry vendors, I will bring both general and specific industry knowledge that you just can’t replace with an eight week training course.

RELIABILITY: I have NEVER overbooked, missed or been late to an event – EVER! I dot the I’s, cross the T’s, maintain the vehicle, trailer and gear to impeccable standards. I am FULLY INSURED and I don’t rent any of it out to fellow DJ’s or bands on SLOW nights.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Because my name and reputation go with every event, I will be your sole contact personally from the first e-mail / phone call to the final song. My attention to detail and passion for what I do will greatly exceed the typical DJ companies’ EMPLOYEE several times over!

THE MUSIC: Over 40,000 songs and ALWAYS up to date from the eclectic to the most current hits. Most importantly the right music at the right times. If I don’t have it (unlikely) and it is available through legal sources, I will do everything in my power to obtain any specialty music needed.

SOUND & LIGHTING: 2 complete systems on-site at every event to insure against breakdowns.  This is something even the most AWARDED DJ companies don’t do and let’s face it; “Emergency staff / equipment on-call” is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Packages will be inviting to the dance floor, clean in appearance, perfectly matched to your needs and the room’s acoustics.  The QUALITY of our set-up will be miles beyond the typical mobile DJ company & most live bands!


UNLIMITED PLAYING TIME: I’m on location typically at least 2 hrs before the scheduled start time, ready to go when your first guest walks in the door and there until the PARTY’S OVER!

FREE RECEPTION PICS: Not to be confused with, in the way of or in replacement for your REAL photographer, just a nice fun addition to your collection of memories from our vantage point!

FLAT RATE PRICING: No bait & switch, up-selling, hidden gratuities or pricing nonsense.

Simply put; NO…I will not be the CHEAPEST or the MOST EXPENSIVE in the industry but when all of the above is combined, I will bring you and your event the most ‘bang for your buck’ GUARANTEED! MOST IMPORTANTLY – THE END RESULTS: See the Video Slideshows and our Facebook Page for over 600 pictures and Testimonials! If you value the amount of people still at the END of your event as much as the beginning see why we consistently have the largest #’s & give us a call !

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Brian D'Angelo

Owner / DJ / Banker / Bookkeeper / Marketing / Breadmaker...I do it all and always have been. Every show, testimonial and picture on my website is from events I've personally done from start to finish.