Most of the couples that I work with do not belong to a religious congregation. Their family background may be of a particular religious denomination, but they, as individuals may have not followed within the footsteps of their family tradition. Often the two families of the couple are of differing faiths.There may be a desire on the behalf of the engaged couple about how to put at ease those loved ones who would prefer that there be some traditional elements involved in their ceremony.

How can a couple express their love in a way that honors their own spiritual beliefs, respects the beliefs of those present,and still remain true to themselves? My own theological perspective and spiritual beliefs are suited to meet this need in a personable and professional level. In creating your ceremony we will use creative and metaphorical writing to express the unique qualities of your story, in combination with careful selections from a powerful collection of readings and poetry. The work of creating your ceremony invites us to take part in a romantic process of finding the right language that celebrates and honors the love that you have had the grace to discover, and the commitment to nurture.

I graduated from United Theological Seminary, with a Masters Degree in Religion & Theology. I am a non-denominational spiritual humanist with a background in fine arts and theater...a perfect combination for creating beautiful, meaningful and tasteful ritual!

As well as working with the language and orchestration of the marriage ceremony, I have assisted many couples with the aesthetic design of their ceremonial decor! My undergraduate degree from MCAD is in fine arts and I have a background in theater and events. While I finished my graduate studies at seminary I worked as an event supervisor for a premier company in the cities, and became familiar with a wealth of local design resources.

I have a private collection of decorative elements for your ceremony,such as trellises, flower urns, candelabras, lanterns, and even a gazebo that are available at a very affordable fee. Part of my desire to assist is that I like to share my experience, I have coordinated and designed events for over a decade. I am able to offer my contribution at a very affordable rate because I am already on site, so it makes sense to add my value and assistance to your event needs.

Primary Contact

Leslie Ann Johnson