Non-traditional. Unconventional. Celebrity. These things and many more describe Rev. Dale Gagne. Why not? For 24 years, he's been in the crazy, fun, and exciting world of professional wrestling, where he now a Chaplain. While still a promoter, Rev. Gagne was ordained by the Metropolitan Community Church with further studies through United Life Church and has presided over hundreds of celebrations.

His mission statement of " be all God's children for God's children" is something he stands behind firmly, as well as his commitment to serving the LGBT community. He performs weddings, baptisms, commitment ceremonies, and more. Rev. Gagne speaks regularly to audiences worldwide on how to deal with religion vs. spirituality in professional sports and entertainment. He's also an advocate for numerous non-profit organizations,

Most of all, Rev. Gagne is all about the two of you. Bringing two together as one to live a life that's both enchanting and full of memories.

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Dale Gagne

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